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The Year of the Work is currently partially funded through Patreon, a monthly subscription crowdfunding site. A small donation goes a long way! 
Non-donors are required to re-register each month and the number of sponsored letters is limited.

Any donation $3 or above will guarantee you will receive a letter each month and grant access to the private Facebook group!

Below are the reward levels. Each new level includes all previous rewards.
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$3/month: Automatic Re-Subscription.
$5/month: Sponsor!
$6/month: Letters of Encouragement
$7/month: Facebook Live Chat
$35/month: Personal Pen Pal

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One-Time Donation

One-time donations are also accepted, though they are not synced with the rewards. If any of the above reward levels are of interest to you, it is required that you make your donation through Patreon.
However, if you do not plan on claiming any rewards, one-time donations are welcome and appreciated!

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