Hello. I'm so glad you're here.

I'm sure you're wondering what that little envelope with the gold label was doing in your letter this month... and I'm going to get to that... but first I have to say thank you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who selflessly donates $5 or more a month. Because of you, it is financially possible for me to send letters to those who may not be in a position to contribute to the cost themselves. Because of you, anyone who has ever signed up for a TYOTW letter has received one.

That is huge. And I'm so grateful.


Now, to the heart of the thing.

Earlier this month, Amy, one of our TYOTW sponsored members (meaning she signs up each month to receive a letter funded by another member who donates $5 or more on patreon) went to the Facebook group seeking encouragement as she was recently diagnosed with a terminal illness. 

Along with her request for prayer and positive vibes, she expressed interest in connecting with a pen pal... and what better place than in a group of snail mail enthusiasts? As to be expected, many members offered to connect with her (thanks to all of you!) but I thought — being the letter-lovers that we all are — we might be able to show her even more support.

The envelope in your letter is addressed to Amy. I know that we have the power to send some light her way during this difficult time. Whether it's just a few words, an encouraging note, or a favorite quote, all you have to do is write a message, seal it, and drop it in the mail. (Sorry, international members, for being unable to include postage.)

I simply ask that you keep her home address private. In the case that you'd like to connect her with someone who is not a member of The Year of the Work, please email me at hello@theyearofthework.com.


Because we can all use a little encouragement...

The reason The Year of the Work is such an inspiring community is because of YOU: Because of your continued involvement, your willingness to sponsor, and your eagerness to show support and love. 

Until now, our community has grown through the Facebook group and Live Chats + Instagram account and hashtag (#theyearofthework), but I think we're all ready to for next steps. So... LET'S CONNECT BY MAIL.

Letters of Encouragement is the latest way to interact with TYOTW members and give/get more of what we love: Snail Mail. Read more information on Patreon.